San Diego Fat GraftingDid you know that fat grafting has the longest lasting effects out of all available injectable treatments? Did you also know that there is virtually no risk of allergic reaction to fat grafting because the substance used comes from your own body?

Fat Grafting is unlike any other injectable because it does not use a synthesized substance but actual fat from your own body! This makes rejection and any adverse allergic reactions a non-issue for those who chose this procedure. At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, we are experts in fat grafting. If you are excited by this revolutionary cosmetic procedure give our offices a call and schedule your consultation today.

How Does Fat Grafting Work?

Fat grafting, also referred to as fat autograft muscle injection (FAMI) or fat transfer, uses the patient’s own fat to restore fullness to the face where it has been lost because of aging. This procedure is safe, natural, and completely non-allergenic because there is no foreign substance being injected, just the extraction of your own excess fat from one area replacing the lost fat in another! One of the most amazing aspects about fat grafting is that the results last for up to 3 years or longer.

The grafting process may sound a little complicated, but it is actually a very simple procedure. Our dermatologists will determine the best spot to extract fat from your body. Usually this is an area that bulges, such as the abdomen and it becomes smaller after extraction. Then using a thin, small cannula, the doctor will extract fat from the donor site and your fat will be processed and prepared for injection into the problems areas where volume loss has occurred. The fat is placed just beneath the skin near facial muscles which help the fat cells develop new blood vessels so they are able to live in their new location. This process plumps up and volumizes the hollowness that has set in because of age.

Dr. Butterwick Performs Fat Grafting to Reverse Volume Loss

Questions You May Have About Fat Grafting

The best way to learn about fat grafting is to come in for a consultation with one of our knowledgeable San Diego dermatologists, but for now, we have compiled a list of questions below that have been most asked by our patients.

San Diego Fat GraftingQ: What Areas Can Fat Grafting Be Used For?

A: The most common regions that fat grafting can improve are: sunken areas beneath the eyes, cheeks, chins, lips, forehead creases, laugh lines, temples, jaw line, and to treat an asymmetrical face. Our doctors even perform fat grafting to the buttocks and breasts for minimally invasive buttock and breast augmentation. Buttocks fat grafting can reshape and lift the buttocks, and breast fat grafting can be used to reshape and augment the breasts without invasive surgery and scarring.

Q: How Does Fat Grafting Differ From Other Injectable Fillers?

A: Fat grafting could be considered one of the safest procedures in cosmetic surgery today because it is completely hypoallergenic. The substance injected comes from your own body, so there is no risk of rejection. Another amazing fact about fat grafting is that the results last longer than any other injectables. While Juvederm lasts 9 months and Sculptra around two years, fat grafting can give you lasting results for up to 3-5 years!

Q: Is The Recovery Process Lengthy?

A: The downtime required after a fat grafting procedure is minimal. The treatment is performed in the office and on an outpatient basis. You can return to your daily activities right after the procedure is performed, but patients will want to stay home for 3-4 days due to swelling and bruising.

Q: How Painful Is Fat Grafting?

A: This procedure has little to no discomfort because the doctor will administer a local anesthetic around the injection areas and patients receive mild sedation. There may be mild tenderness where the injection and extraction sites are but this will go away in just a few days. After the procedure, there is virtually no post-operative pain.

Q: How Fast Will I See The Results?

A: The results from fat grafting are visibly noticeable the same day, however, the final results take about 4-6 weeks to appear as the fat cells develop a blood supply. There is swelling after the procedure but once that dissipates the actual results will be revealed.

Learn More About Fat Grafting At Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego

Schedule a consultation today to learn about fat grafting and how it can freshen up your face and smooth away the signs of aging! All of the dermatologists at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology can answer any questions you may have about the process of fat grafting and outline the best possible treatment plan for you. Rejuvenate your appearance using your own body fat and begin looking younger and revitalized. Call (858) 365-3621 now and schedule a consultation today!

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