fillers for lower faceAging takes a toll on the face and simply rejuvenating the lower half of the face can give you an overall refreshed and more youthful appearance. Facial fillers are highly effective in treating the visible signs of aging on the lower face. By replacing lost volume and filling in fine lines and wrinkles, facial filler is a non-surgical way to rejuvenate, firm, and sculpt the lower face. Here at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, our board-certified dermatologists are injectable experts who can customize an injectable treatment plan to meet your lower face needs.

Common concerns of the lower face that can be treated with dermal fillers are:

  • Marionette Lines
  • Mental Crease
  • Cupid’s Bow
  • Nasolabial Folds (Smile Lines)
  • Sagging Jowls
  • Thin Lips
  • Aging Neck
  • Volume Loss

Dermal Fillers for the Lower Face

facial volume treatment expert oceansideHyaluronic acid is a substance that our bodies naturally produce that keeps our skin firm and plump, but production diminishes with age. Hyaluronic acid gel fillers have been specially created to replace lost hyaluronic acid, thus fill in lines, wrinkles, and facial hollows in a smooth, natural looking manner. Some of the most popular hyaluronic acid gel fillers are Juvederm, Restylane, and Belotero. Juvederm and Belotero are commonly used to minimize the appearance of marionette lines, smoker’s lines, nasolabial folds, and to plump thin lips. Restylane is good for lip border definition, lip enhancement, and the jowl area.

lip lines treatment experts oceansideThere are other effective dermal fillers that can also treat aging of the lower face. Sculptra, for instance, is a collagen replacer that stimulates your body’s production of collagen and works great for chin wrinkles, deep folds, and sculpting the jawline. Radiesse is another facial filler made up of calcium-based microspheres that also stimulate collagen production. Radiesse is an excellent option for non-surgical chin augmentation to rejuvenate the lower face. Results of Radiesse are immediate and can last up to one year!

Fat grafting can also be used to add volume back to the lower face and improve the appearance of nasolabial folds, marionette lines, mental crease, and more. Fat grafting involves removing fat cells from one area of the body, preparing them for transfer, and then injecting them into hollow areas of the face. Because the filler is taken from your own body, there is no chance of allergic reaction and the results are long-lasting.

Liquid Lower Facelift

wrinkle treatment experts la jollaA liquid lower facelift is a non-invasive alternative to a surgical lower facelift. Your doctor will examine your lower face, discuss your concerns with you, and create a treatment plan using the appropriate combination of injectable treatments to give you a liquid lower facelift. Oftentimes, dermal fillers and neuromodulators such as Botox and Dysport are used to produce ideal results.

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Lower Face FAQ

Many patients have questions about the different injectable treatments for the lower face so our board-certified dermatologists have answered some of the most frequently asked questions for you here to help you decide on the appropriate treatment to meet your needs.

Q: Are filler injections painful?

A: Our experienced injectors use very fine needles for filler injections in order to keep any pain or discomfort to a minimum. Patients generally do not experience much pain, but if you are concerned, the doctor can apply a topical anesthetic to the area prior to injection.

facial volume experts san diegoQ: How long do lower face filler injections last?

A: The results will vary from patient to patient, and depending on the specific types of fillers used. In general, results last around 6 months with some patients experiencing results for up to one year.

Q: How much do lower face injections cost?

A: It is hard for us to put one set price on all injectable treatments as the amount of filler used will vary greatly from one patient to the next depending on the area being treated and severity of the lines and wrinkles. It is best if you meet for a consultation with one of our dermatologists so that they may devise a customized treatment plan for you and then the cost of the treatment can be determined.

Q: Why should I choose Cosmetic Laser Dermatology for injectable treatments?

A: Our team is comprised of five world-renowned cosmetic dermatologists all certified by the American Board of Dermatology. They all have specialized training in injectable treatments and track records of success. It is important that you visit an expert for any injectable treatment for optimal results.

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