Your face naturally changes over time and one of the most notable factors to this change is volume loss. Volume loss occurs when the production of natural substances, like collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid start to decrease as you age. There is no way to stop volume loss and the aging process but at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology in San Diego, we can help to replenish lost volume with one or a combination of some of the most innovative injectable treatments available today in cosmetic dermatology!

Over time, the plump, soft tissue in and around your face naturally starts to lose fullness and definition. The production of collagen is necessary for a full face and the hollowness that results from aging is the volume loss that happens when its production is stunted. You may not be able to stop this volume loss on your own, but you can replenish lost volume through injectable treatments.

What Treatments Are Available For Volume Loss?

When you feel you are ready to fight back against volume loss, the San Diego dermatology office of Cosmetic Laser Dermatology can lay out the best course of treatment for you. Listed below are just some of the volume loss treatments that can rejuvenate your appearance by returning the plumpness to your face. To learn about all of your options come in for a consultation in San Diego at Cosmetic Laser Dermatology today!

Juvederm & Restylane

These dermal fillers replace the volume loss that causes fine lines and wrinkles on the face. They are both made from hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally produced in the human body and recreate volume as they fill up the spaces in wrinkles and lines on the brow and face.


Radiesse is a great way to return volume to your hands when the signs of aging begin to make them look withered and warn.  It will supply your skin with the materials needed to begin the natural process of collagen production. You can see immediate results after the injections and the results will last for up to 12 months.


This injectable is performed through a course of 3 sessions and has a gradual effect on the treated areas. Sculptra is a collagen stimulator, meaning it actually creates new collagen in your body. The results are not as immediate as other injectables but they can last for up to 2 years!

Fat Grafting

Unlike other injectables, fat grafting uses your own fat from donor regions selected by your physician to replenish volume loss found in and around the face. This procedure is one of the safest and hypoallergenic available because there is virtually no risk of rejection; fat is just transferred from one part of the body to another.

Volume Loss FAQ’s

Q: How Does Volume Loss Contribute To Aging?

A: When we are young, our faces are fuller because of the collagen and elastin in the tissues under the skin. As we begin to age, these substances begin to deplete because of decreased production. This is naturally occurring but you can replenish lost volume through injectable treatments.

Q: Is Volume Loss Only in The Face As We Age?

A: No. You can also see volume loss in your hands because of the thin skin that covers the veins, tendons and structures of the hands. To replace volume in your hands, Radiesse is one of the best treatments on the market today!

Q: Can Volume Loss Treatments Be Done On An Outpatient Basis?

A: All injectable treatments are performed on an outpatient basis! That means there is no lengthy procedures times and you can return to your daily activities right after the treatment is administered.

Q: Can Anyone Perform Injectable Treatments For Volume Loss?

A: Absolutely not! Only board certified physicians should perform any injectable treatment. Don’t trust just anyone to perform injectable treatments on your precious skin. At GBFG&F, our team of world-renowned dermatologists are board certified in dermatology and cosmetic surgery, giving them the highest level of insight into treating the signs of aging.

Q: Do All Treatments Work The Same For All Patients?

A: Volume loss occurs differently for every patient. One treatment may be a better fit for a particular patient than others that are available. The best course of action is to come in for a consultation with one of our world-renowned dermatologists so they can best assess your problem areas and come up with a treatment plan that is personalized to your needs!

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